All water-based products of Fernandes Ice Cream.


Ice Pops

Each fruit flavored water-based ice pop has their own unique taste. 


Pineapple Punch


Pineapple with a punch. Enjoy the frozen sweet and sour taste of pineapple.




Wildberry Grape

The flavorful wildberry and grape leaves your tongue blue. 



Orange Tangerine

The classic sweet orange tangerine everybody has come to love.



Raspberry Grape

The purple raspberry grape explodes in your mouth leaving a purple mess.



Strawberry Field

The candy strawberry field is one the favorites of the strawberry lovers.


Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is greenest of them all. With a sweet mixed flavor your mouth bursts into green.


King Pops

For the lovers of pop and milk we introduce the King Pops. Vanilla ice cream bars with a water ice coating.

Red King Pop.png

Red King Pop

Electric Red explosion with the creamy vanilla ice cream center.

Blue King Pop.png

Blue King Pop

Electric Blue plasma burst with a creamy vanilla ice cream center.